Photo of Khaw Boon Wan from Yahoo

Following a corruption scandal that led to a serious tunnel flooding in Oct 2017, SMRT today (Jan 21) announced that they will outsource their tunnel repair and maintenance team to contractors. According to SMRT, contractors have better standards than them and if any corruption like forgery were to happen again, it would not be SMRT’s responsibility.

SMRT’s director of building service, Siu Yow Wee, a former SAF military man, issued a press release saying that the contractors would do the work while SMRT will just supervise:

“The manufacturer has all along been handling corrective repair works for the water pump systems. With it also taking over routine preventive maintenance work, SMRT can benefit from its expertise and experience. This will improve overall system reliability. Staff currently involved in the preventive maintenance of water pumps will take on the role of supervising and monitoring the quality of work carried out by the manufacturer.”

In the Oct 17 flooding incident investigation, it was found that SMRT falsified maintenance records over 7 months. 8 employees were sacked but the company did not face any corruption charges. Covered up by the Attorney General Chambers whose Attorney General Lucien Wong is Lee Hsien Loong’s former private lawyer, there was no public prosecution and the matter was settled internally with alleged disciplinary actions taken. Taxpayers had to indirectly pay S$2 million on repairs and replacements as the state-owned companies slashed it’s profit for Temasek Holdings.