Photo of Lim Swee Say from CNA Ho Yeen Nie

Unhappy with an independent survey result that found 60% of the domestic workers in Singapore are exploited, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issued its own fake survey claiming that 97% are actually satisfied or happy to do more work:

“In our 2015 survey of 1,000 such workers, 97 per cent of respondents were satisfied working in Singapore, 76 per cent intended to continue working in Singapore after their contract was completed, 79 per cent would recommend the country as a place to work, and 97 per cent said their workload was “either just right, or they could handle more. We also interviewed more than 3,000 new foreign domestic workers a year after their first few months of work, and that more than 95 per cent of these said their workload was manageable and did not raise any well-being issues.”

According to an independent report conduct by Research Across Borders, maids in Singapore suffer bad living conditions, excessive working hours, unreasonable deduction of salaries and violence. 735 Indonesian and Filipino maids were interviewed in Singapore, and an astonishing 23% were identified as victims of forced labour involving threat, control, leverage or force.

The governments of Indonesia and Philippines have in recent years imposed maid exports specifically to Singapore, due to increasing number of abuse cases reported by their nationals.

MOM also defended the government’s discrimination of not giving maids equal employment rights as any other occupation:

“Domestic workers, including FDWs, are not covered by the Employment Act due to the unique nature of their work arrangement. However, this does not mean that FDWs are not protected.”