Photo of Workers' Party Low Thia Kiang from screenshot

Facing a S$33 million lawsuit from PAP Town Councils Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Opposition leader Workers’ Party MP Low Thia Kiang told state media reporters that he might not be contesting in the next General Election.

“I have done my part… I have believed in building an organisation all this while. That has been one of my missions when I took over… So I am making good what I had said. I had hoped that we should have a new secretary-general by the party’s 60th anniversary, which did not happen. But I think… it is time for me to step aside for the younger generation of leaders to take the steering wheel, and move the party forward. So, something fell short, but not too far.”

Due to deep-seated government influence in Singapore’s judiciary system, the WP MP – along with WP MPs Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh – will likely face bankruptcy if they are found guilty for “wrongly paying out” town council funds to their managing agent for council contracts. The new Attorney General, Lucien Wong, was dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong’s former private lawyer. AG Lucien Wong is leading the S$33 million lawsuit against the WP.

MP Low Thia Kiang may be considering to sit out the election due to threats made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The PM was visibly enraged when MP Low Thia Kiang told him to “stop the Korean drama” during the Oxley Road house’s ownership debate. Lee Hsien Loong earlier brought the case to Parliament to seize control of his father’s inheritance.

The WP MP is the first Opposition leader to win a GRC group constituency from the dictatorship, despite severely rigged election rules created by PM Lee.