Photo of Halimah Yacob rehearsing as President before election

In her recent interview with state media TodayOnline, Halimah Yacob conspicuously steered clear away from her Indian heritage making zero mention of her Indian father. Despite being raised up to 8 years old by her Indian father, Halimah Yacob feigned amnesia about her recollection with him. The interview raised a pressing question among Singaporeans: why is Halimah Yacob ashamed of her Indian heritage?

Well, the answer is obvious: Halimah Yacob wants the S$1.5-million-a-year puppet President position badly. It is not only about money, Halimah Yacob wants the prestige of being the first “tudung-wearing female head of state” in the world. The 16-year PAP MP is also a loyal underling of dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and she is unable to refuse the direct order of Lee Hsien Loong. As such, acknowledging that she is Indian will hurt her chance to be President hence Halimah Yacob does not want to be Indian.

Halimah Yacob is fully aware that her Indian heritage disqualifies her for the Malay Presidential election, and she is now telling Singaporeans to look beyond her race. She wax lyrical about having Meritocracy, and having the best person for the job – something which most Singaporeans would agree if not for the fact that this Presidential Election is a racist one created by none other than her master Prime Minister. If Halimah Yacob wants to ride the moral high horse, why did she not call for an open contest with the closest contender in the last election Dr Tan Cheng Bock? Hypocrisy is smacked right onto her face whenever she sings about meritocracy.

The PAP politician is also a master at manipulating people to her advantage: when Halimah Yacob said “Look beyond my tudung”, she is calling everyone who oppose her candidacy anti-Islam, sexist and racist. Singaporeans are especially afraid to voice out against her because of the loosely-defined and often-abused sedition law that bans racism. Singaporeans are afraid when they pointed that Halimah Yacob is Indian, they would be arrested under the Sedition Act. However, allowing Halimah Yacob runs against the Constitution because it was clearly stated that the next President must be Malay. Based on the rhetoric, Halimah Yacob laid out the settings entrapping Singaporeans to keep quiet or face fines or jail terms.