Photo of PAP MP Edwin Tong and Kong Hee from Straits Times

Despite having been convicted as a cheat along with 5 other church leaders, megachurch City Harvest Church wrote on its website telling churchgoers to donate to the S$20 million legal suit.

On its website, City Harvest Church wrote:

“3) How is the church going to support the six now?
Some among the six have indicated they will begin their sentence within two weeks of the verdict (i.e., by April 21). As you can imagine, their families have many needs. Wanbao has reported that the legal fees for the six will have cost over $20 million. While the church is restricted by the authorities from helping them to pay for their legal fees, individual members are free to support them. As always, keep them and their families in prayer. We can best support our leaders by making sure CHC fulfils its mission and purpose—let’s always be loving God and ministering to people.”

As per the charity regulation which governs the donation proceedings of the megachurch, City Harvest Church has infringed the law canvassing for donations not meant for the church.

Also on the website, City Harvest Church denied the conviction of the 6 church leaders by specifically stating “law of the land”:

“Yes. By the law of the land, the six are guilty of committing criminal breach of trust and four of them, of falsification of accounts. While the fact remains that their actions were wrong, the appeal judges made note in their written judgement that:

– They “accept that the appellants had acted in what they considered to be the best interests of CHC.”
– They note “Their fault lies in adopting the wrong means.””