A 38-year-old Singaporean, Kho Puay Meng, was sentenced to 2 months jail today (Sep 13) for helping other National Service conscripts take their physical fitness test, the IPPT. Kho Puay Meng was caught by a Certis Cisco fitness trainer from the IPPT center in Khatib Camp after the latter remembered seeing him taking a test before.

Kho Puay Meng does not charge his clients exorbitant fees and merely collect the award incentives for his work. He was repeatedly pestered by a request and hence chose to help out. The government’s deputy public prosecutor (DPP) have some harsh words for the helpful NS man, and claimed that “the scheme undermined the National Service regime and its associated public policy objectives”. The DPP even called the accused “a pawn in the entire scheme” for “deceiving a public institution for personal financial gain”.

The annual IPPT test is a burden to all Singaporean males and have been a major obstacle to employment opportunities and family time. NS is a key tool to brainwashing young Singaporean males in Singapore. The 2 month jail is considered harsh and further reinforce public speculations that the Singapore court punishes Singaporeans harder and are lenient toward foreigners.

New citizens and permanent residents are excused National Service.