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Despite fainting during his speech last night (Aug 21), a full medical checkup found the dictator Prime Minister a clean bill of health. The National Day Rally (NDR) speech held at ITE Central auditorium last night was suspended for one hour – from 9.20pm to 10.40pm – when Lee Hsien Loong started trembling halfway during his speech. The event attended only by invitation is a closed-door event held for PAP supporters and cronies, and the Prime Minister was met with standing ovation when he returned to complete his speech.

According to state media, The Straits Times, doctors found that Lee Hsien Loong did not had a heart attack or stroke, and that he was merely suffering from a temporary drop in blood pressure resulted from exhaustion. Ironically, the 64-year-old has only given a 3 hour speech and is still a few years below the official retirement age of 67, which himself planned to raise to 71.

Lee Hsien Loong’s supporters poured their praises for the dictator who yesterday announced that he will change the Constitution to make it harder for non-PAP endorsed candidates to qualify in the upcoming Presidential election. Like North Korea, fellow Cabinet Ministers praised Lee Hsien Loong for having an “mind of steel”, while his supporters called him “the best leader ever in the world” on state media Facebook pages. The Prime Minister Office today (Aug 22) announced that he will be on a week’s leave until Aug 29.

There was no new announcement made in the NDR except for the impending Presidential election “review” sanctioned by Lee Hsien Loong. Lee Hsien Loong bragged about minority representation for the President post, yet himself hogged on to the Prime Minister position for the past 13 years. There is no indication by the Prime Minister of whom his successor would be.

Many Singaporeans who are unhappy with the PAP momentarily celebrated news of Lee Hsien Loong’s collapse. Their happiness were however short-lived when the dictator went back on stage to continue his speech.