Hi all, as seen from the video, one of the guys is wearing our company uniform. But just to keep our company’s good name clean, we are not associated with such an obsessed “IP Man” fan.

We did the most thorough check that man can do with our operation team and we have concluded that the person is not part of our company’s current headcount. We strongly do not condone violence or any acts that would tarnish the name of our company. If we were in the martial arts sector, we are pretty sure he would be a better fighter though.

However, if we missed out anything, and he is indeed part (or even ex employee) of our company, we are deeply sorry and we would like to guide him back to the right path of non violence by referring him to the right MMA studio to undergo the proper training with the right mindset and discipline.

Plus we have stopped issuing the uniform as seen in the video quite some time back and we do not know how the person involved in this video got his hands onto our uniform.

Lastly, being a great fan of the awesome Mahatma Ghandi we strongly believe that “Non-violence is the weapon of the strong”. So.. whoever you are, please follow the path of peace and tranquillity.

Thank you.

Vimbox Movers Singapore

You may view the video here.