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A senior police officer came to my house and against procedure tried to interview my young son Adrian regarding a supposed rash act where a 10 cent and I repeat a 10 cent coin was supposedly thrown out of one of my windows, the officer was told that she had no right to speak with child without the parents being present. Whilst i was in Ipoh on holiday the said officer (hereafter known as ASP 10 cents) harassed me and told me I had to give a statement regarding this matter, in no uncertain terms I told ASP 10 cents that I had absolutely no knowledge of the incident and was not prepared to give any statement and neither was my son.

Today on my return from Ipoh I received the enclosed – have the police really nothing better to do ? are there no criminals that require investigation ? ASP 10 cents advised me that a file had been opened and the case was being referred to the Attorney General’s Chambers, what on earth motivates the police force to harass me and my 11 year old son on the basis that we live on the 9th floor of a block above where the 10 cent coin was found and indulge in such a dispproportionate waste of public funds, is this the haraasment the youth of today have to encounter ?

Philip John Williams

Photo from facebook
Photo from facebook