A letter submitted by a reader living in Potong Pasir is suggesting that the Potong Pasir Town Council may soon be removed and absorbed in Jalan Besar Town Council. Above attached is the photo of the Service and Conservancy Charges (SnCC) letter advising the Potong Pasir resident to make payment to Jalan Besar GRC instead.

In the recent election, the ruling party PAP won by a 66.4% strong mandate from Potong Pasir residents, who may soon be renamed Jalan Besar residents.

“Dear States Times Review

I have been paying S&CC to The Town Council Potong Pasir for the past 10 years. Suddenly just suka suka drop me a letter say i will be paying Jalan Besar Town Council effect from 1 DEC 2015 instead of Potong Pasir Town Council. What the fuck does Potong Pasir gotta do with Jalan Besar? Trying to group into Jalan Besar GRC?