A Filipino maid has been cleared of an accusation that she has stolen a winning S$2.3 million Big Sweep ticket. According to the interview with the media, an unnamed person lodged a report against the 44 year old maid who won a S$2.3 million lottery. Her bank account was frozen while the police investigated the case for the past 3 weeks until last Thursday (Sep 17).

Photo from Toto Singapore
Photo from Toto Singapore

During the 3 weeks of investigation, the maid cooperated with the police fully and even brought the officers to the Tampines outlet where she bought the winning ticket. The maid has been working in Singapore for the past 14 years and her employer, a 64 year old Singaporean, vouched for her honesty.

The Filipino maid used to scrimp and save only S$50 every month and send the remaining bulk of her earnings back to her family in Philippines. Despite winning S$2.3 million, she will continue working for her employer in Pasir Ris. She has since bought  a plot of land in Philippines and gave away some money to help her friends and relatives out.