PAP MP for Yishun has responded to a States Times Review’s article that it is malicious and full of falsehoods, saying that LBW Consultants LLP was acquired by Meinhardt Group International in 2014 and that gave her time to “focus on residents of Nee Soon.”:

“There is an article, full of falsehoods, which has been circulating about LBW Consultants LLP (LBW). It is an old article, which Mr Alex Tan (who stood as a candidate in 2011 GE) has been trying to recirculate. The article suggests, falsely, some impropriety in the awarding of the HDB contract to LBW for Khatib Court.

LBW tendered openly for 11 HDB projects in 2013. It was successful in two of the projects, including Khatib Court. The tender was carried out fairly and transparently. To suggest otherwise is malicious.

LBW Consultants LLP was acquired by Meinhardt Group International in January 2014, given its track record.

That has freed me to focus most of my time on residents of Nee Soon.”

Screenshot from Facebook
Screenshot from Facebook

However a check with the company website says that MP Lee Bee Wah still holds a Joint Managing Director post with Meinhardt Group International, you may view the link here. States Times Review hence stand by its article until PAP MP Lee Bee Wah is able to explain why.

States Times Review is an independent and neutral news site that reports without fear or favour. The article posted was to report and inform Singaporeans that a company that Yishun MP Lee Bee Wah has connection with has won a tender in an area where she is in charge of. Suggestions of impropriety in the awarding of the HDB contract is conjured by readers and States Times Review takes no responsibility for misinterpretation of others.

If sufficient and reasonable proof is presented to show the MP’s innocence, an apology note will be posted. However, to label the site malicious and full of falsehoods without presenting strong evidence, the PAP MP herself is knocking credibility off herself.

A simple question for Lee Bee Wah is, if Meinhardt Group International is making profits from these 11 projects, will MP Lee Bee Wah as its Joint Managing Director directly or indirectly gain from these businesses?

Screenshot from Meinhardt
Screenshot from Meinhardt

PAP MP Lee Bee Wah is also the Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committees (GPC) for National Development and Environment, which is in-charge of examining policies, programmes and proposed legislation of the Ministry of National Development, who is in-charge of the Housing Development Board. The HDB is in-charge of awarding all tenders to Meinhardt Group International.

Screenshot from PAP website
Screenshot from PAP website

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