An India-based Singapore General Hospital (SGH) doctor was fined S$2,000 for injecting a chemotherapy drug into a patient’s spinal canal instead of his vein. The result of Dr Garuna Murthee Kavitha’s error could have caused serious neurological damage.

The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) said they took consideration of Dr Kavitha’s acceptance of responsibility and immediately flagged the error. The investigations of SMC also found that SGH had given the 32 year old doctor the wrong medicine, which Dr Kavitha herself also did not check. During administration, Dr Kavitha also did not check the chemotherapy form which clearly stated to inject the medication into a vein instead of the spinal canal.

Dr Kavitha, who was awarded the Best Medical Officer award by SingHealth in 2013, was found guilty of one charge of professional misconduct by the SMC tribunal. The patient has since died, and it was not known if the patient died because of Dr Kavitha’s error or not.

Photo from CBS news
Photo from CBS news

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