Newly appointed NTUC chief and Minister-without-portfolio Chan Chun Sing is organizing five carnivals to raise S$10.5 million to help the low income.

The low income recipient however must be a NTUC member and, if his/her dependents are not living together under the same household, have a monthly gross income not more than S$1,400 to qualify for an one-off S$100 voucher for daily necessities. For those with dependents living together under the same household, the cut-off salary is S$2,800.

In 2015, the Singapore Government has spent over S$9 million on the SG50 celebration, S$1.7 billion on Project Jewel and S$36 million a year on foreign scholarship (according to the Singapore Government’s admission in Parliament in 2012). Despite these impressive Hollywood-budget spending, the Singapore Government today have to appeal for public donations to help the low income.

Photo by SAF
Photo by SAF