Photo from Channel News Asia

In an interview with the media today, Law Minister K Shanmugam alleged that the chairman of Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol-East Town Council (AHPETC) Sylvia Lim has lied in Parliament and gave a stern warning that her conduct could be criminal:

“The judge was scathing about the town councillors and their conduct. He said that the chairman of the WP misled Parliament. It is very serious to lie in Parliament. He said that the conduct was possibly criminal, and that the residents and Housing and Development Board (HDB) can sue them.”

He also said that the government’s legal representative, the Attorney-General’s Chambers, will advise the Ministry of National Development on their next action against the Opposition-held Town Council AHPETC.

Photo from Channel News Asia
Photo from Channel News Asia

Minister K Shanmugam also declared that he stood by his previous comment and insisted that the AHPETC’s conduct was “unlawful”, despite having the MND losing the court’s case to AHPETC.

His comment could be in contempt of Judge Quentin Loh’s judgment. The role of the Law Minister is Legislative, and even though he is in power to write new laws, the Law Minister has no jurisdiction over the Executive, which in this case is the due process and the final judgment delivered.

Do you think K Shanmugam can say anything he want just because he is the Law Minister?