On 17th March, my vehicle was hit at the back by a Malaysian registered vehicle JQC6308 and the rear bumper of my vehicle was damaged. The driver Mr Mohd Alif Danial Wong Bin Abdulllah acknowleged that he is liability for the repair damages for my car, was said that he will bear the repair cost. But he has no money now and wait til end of March to his pay day. I agreed.

End of Mar, he off his phone and I was not able to contact him. On 5th April, I finally got him and he said he again had no money. I then told him it is fine I will claim against his insurance. I was supposed to claim within 30 days of accident. He asked me to give him a chance and that he will pay up end of April. I hesitated as end April will be more than 30 days since accident and thus I will not be able to claim. He promised that he will pay and I took his word for it
Today is 2nd May, and I had been taken for a ride by him again. Mr Mohd Alif Danial Wong Bin Abdulllah off his phone and refused to answer to my sms.

Reader submission
Reader submission

It seems that I have to bear the cost of the repair from an accident no fault of mine. It is a SHAME that foreign registered vehicle get away with this.

Hopefully this serves a reminder to Singaporean drivers not to be soft hearted and to claim on the vehicle with 30 days of accident.

Reader submission
Reader submission